REVIEW: Sunday Riley’s Blushing 101

If you read my “Sunday Riley Makeup Makeover” review (here) you already know that I am utterly impressed with the quality of Sunday’s makeup line,  and as a continuation to my makeover post, the first product I will be reviewing is also my favorite product (so far) in the entire Sunday Riley Makeup line – Blushing 101.

Blushing 101 is a pale, dusty-rose pink yet neutraly toned. The texture is very finely milled, and the finish is what makes this product so unbelievable. Shades of this type usually don’t appear smoothly on my skin and leave my skin blotchy, but Blushing 101 appears even-toned, smooth and absolutely beautiful on my skin.

I have a warm skin tone, as appose to a cool one, and this color blends effortlessly into my skin leaving a completely natural & flushed look.  In fact, the color pigments themselves are round making them extravagantly soft with a silky smooth finish.

In person, I would describe the finish as a glowy sheen with the faintest hint of a dusty rose pink color – in other words it creates pure radiance!  I also love how it doesn’t leave any sparkle; and too much sparkle in my opinion, doesn’t look natural.

Here are some swatches of Blushing 101 on my arm…

light application
medium application

heavy application

Key Ingredients & how they are utilized in Blushing 101:

  • Kaolin – is a clay-like mineral with oil absorbing properties, and draws out impurities and toxins.  Riley says Kaolin in the blush is “a mineral that diffuses light, reduces the appearance of fine lines.”
  • Mica – Riley says is “a translucent, natural mineral that reflects light and creates the illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone.”
  • Silica – In Blushing 101, Riley says “perfectly spherical silica particles are first coated evenly with pigments to create the silkiest application and feel.”
  • Nylon 12– An ingredient that prevents the blush from settling into fine lines.  Riley says of Nylon 12 “a hypo-allergenic ingredient that reduces shine and feels silky, creating a smooth appearance.”
*Blushing 101 is Oil-free
*All of Sunday Riley products are Paraben Free 

FINAL THOUGHT: This blush is the absolute perfect shade for me, and I have been searching for a blush this color for a long time, so I was completely ecstatic that I finally found it with blushing 101.  I’ve also seen this blush on different skin tones (cool) and it’s gorgeous as well.  The light diffusers in the blush creates a luxurious glow, and the finely milled technology provides for the smoothest coverage possible on any ones skin tone.   When I received the Sunday Riley makeover at Barneys, the Blush color lasted all night without breaking apart or fading.  I have worn it on several occasions since then, and it looks radiantly beautiful with or without other makeup on.  It’s just simply fabulous! A ‘must have’ blush for sure!!! A+++

Sunday Riley’s Blush “Blushing 101” is available at ($30.00)

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