GUEST REVIEW: Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Guest Writer and Beauty BFF, Carly, reviews a fabulous exfoliating cleanser from the 100% natural & non-toxic beauty line – Tata Harper

The Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser is a wonderful product from the Vermont based, award-winning, 100% natural & non-toxic, luxury skincare company “TATA HARPER.”

Here is a little background information on Tata Harper from their website:

TATA HARPER Skincare was founded by Tata Harper on the essential idea that women no longer have to sacrifice their health to look and feel beautiful. In Vermont on a 1,200 acre farm, she manufactures 100% natural and non-toxic, premium skincare products made from the World’s most sought after ingredients. Some of the ingredients are sourced from around the World, but many are grown on the farm. All research and development, formulations, packaging, marketing and distribution are done in-house, allowing Tata to control every step of the process, from formulation to shipment to a customer.

Clinical trials and enthusiastic feedback from thousands of health-conscious women confirm that TATA HARPER Skincare offers stunning results without causing harm to women’s bodies. We provide sumptuous, high performance products that women love to use. TATA HARPER is proven to improve vitality, foster radiance, and inspire an overall sense of well-being.

And our Mission continues with you. Join us in this positive, forward-thinking revolution. Read labels and get active. Spread the word about TATA HARPER and the natural and non-toxic skin care movement.

Today our Guest Writer and Beauty BFF, Carly, will be reviewing the TATA HARPER Regenerating Cleanser.

Carly and her baby boy, Julian
(AKA The Ladies Man)

Carly Says…
The Tata Harper Cleanser has a very moisturizing texture, (almost like lotion), and at the same time it has a very fine-grain exfoliate feel to it. What a perfect combo for summer skin issues! In the summer my skin tends to dry out and it also needs light exfoliating daily–due to the buildup of the dead surface skin from being in the sun, and dry, hot air. Tata Harper cleanser both moisturizes and exfoliates while cleansing. I have been using it each night as a cleanser in the shower, and have noticed my skin seems much smoother, fresher looking and doesn’t seem to have the buildup of dead skin that it would typically have this time of year.

It’s a 100% natural product, using ingredients such as pomegranate–which not only hydrates, but also acts as an anti-oxidant, and honestly, can your skin ever have too many anti-oxidants? It also contains White Willow Bark–a wonderful, natural ingredient which balances sebum production.
Here a few swatches of the cleanser…

Typically, I tend to stray away from a cleanser that feels more like a moisturizer because I feel it doesn’t cleanse my skin deeply enough (I wear a foundation for makeup daily, and I also sweat a lot during the day). Tata Harper Cleanser honestly seems to work in really cleansing and refreshing my skin, and at the same time exfoliating and moisturizing it. I am also typically, extremely hesitant, and very picky when it comes to any kind of exfoliater. My skin is annoyingly sensitive to harsh exfoliants and if I’m not careful and use something too harsh, my skin will immediately break out around my mouth and on my cheeks. Tata Harper Cleanser had me immediately interested from the first sample I squeezed into my hand, and rubbed between my fingers. I could tell right away that it truly has the perfect texture for balancing, moisturizing, and gently exfoliating for sensitive skin types. I will continue to use this product without hesitation, and with full confidence that my delicate facial skin is in good hands!!

Product Description

TATA HARPER Regenerating Cleanser – This gentle non-foaming cleanser freshens the skin’s appearance as it cleanses, without drying it out. Pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant and helps hydrate the skin, while promoting the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. Apricot Seed powder deeply cleanses your pores and removes dead skin cells to leave your face glowing, while the sebum balancing properties of White Willow Bark extract exfoliate the skin. The delicate bittersweet Neroli blends harmoniously with the fresh citrus notes of grapefruit, and these essential oils gently cleanse, refresh and balance your skin.

Available at ($75 125ml/4.22 oz) or ($50 50ml/1.7oz)

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