REVIEW: The Beauty Blender & Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

By Jenni

I never really had to concern myself with “blending” my makeup, and to be honest I never even knew what that meant…was I supposed to blend my foundation into my bronzer or blush? It always confused me; I just had no idea HOW to ‘Blend’ correctly. One day I decided I wanted to master the art of blending – and so I first spent lots of time (and money) finding a good foundation. After many trials and errors I settled upon Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation (pictured above) – I should note that I don’t use this foundation anymore because I discovered that I don’t like to wear any foundation unless I am getting ‘all dolled up’ for some big event (which is almost never.) However, I would recommend Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation for someone who wants full “silky” coverage. 

 Getting back to my initial review…so I have the foundation but I still can’t properly blend it onto my face. I tried all sorts of brushes; you know the ones that are typically flat with a rounded edge (pictured.) Streaks, lines and uneven color were all I could come up with. Then while I was buying some shampoo at my local beauty store (not a chain store but a specialty beauty shop) I saw this little pink sponge in a clear container on the shelf just staring at me, begging me to pick it up and take it home – looking back I realize it was like a gift sent from heaven, the answer to all my makeup blending problems – this was war and I had finally taken the upper hand, the score became Jenni-1 Blending-0.
Fast forward to today, I am able to quickly blend any makeup I put on my face, and even though I rarely ever use foundation, I do sometimes need to put on some concealer, tinted moisturizer or my new favorite product for light coverage, Sunday Riley’s “Breathable Tinted Primer” (reviewed here) to even out my skin tone – and this little pink sponge called the Beauty Blender is the BEST tool I have ever used. It literally makes everything look flawless, you can’t see any streaks, lines or anything but smooth even-toned skin.
I would also highly recommend checking out the beauty blender website before or even after purchasing this product. There is a detailed and very helpful guide explaining “How to” use the blender correctly here!

Beauty Blender Score: A- (I would have given the pink sponge an A if I could figure out how to properly clean it and throwing them out after a couple uses and buying new one’s is becoming too expensive!)

Beauty Blender Price:

$19.95 (1 Sponge)

$25.95 (2 Sponges) 

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