REVIEW: Tom Ford Lipstick in “Pink Dusk”

Jenni reviews a luxuriously creamy lipstick in the prettiest of all pinks – Tom Ford Lip Color Pink Dusk


Tom Ford Lip Color

To Tom Ford, there is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and it has the power to define a woman’s whole look. Each Lip Color is Tom Ford’s modern ideal of an essential makeup shade. Rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity. 

I had been dreaming about owning a Tom Ford lipstick for some time, but I just couldn’t justify spending $65 on a singe lip color.  Well when my birthday approached earlier this September, I felt it was time to pamper myself with some Tom Ford Beauty – so I made my first three purchases including: Tom Ford’s Eye Shadow Contour Brush, Cream Foundation Brush (both brush reviews coming soon) and Ford’s Lip Color in Pink Dusk – all from Neiman Marcus.

First and foremost, the outer packaging is so classy and you truly feel like you’re spending your money on a luxurious product.

Then the actual lipstick casing is even more impressive – black enamel with a gold trim – simply stunning!

Pink Dusk is a cool, nude pink with a touch of mauve/rose and a milky softness to it. I don’t even know if ‘milky softness’ makes sense to anyone else, but it sounds perfect in my head so I’m going with it.



I fell in love with this shade right away, even before I tested it on my hand or lips. This precious pink is so gorgeous, I can’t imagine any girl or women who appreciates pretty things, would not like this pink shade.  It looks very different under different lighting, so I tried to take as many swatch pictures as possible so you can really get a grasp on the color.  I will say that in person, it’s even more beautiful than it appears in the following pictures and more specifically, it has a softer cool pink finish in person – the sunlight in the pics is reflecting a warmer shade in the swatches…

The finish is super creamy and glides on the lips with an incredibly soft touch.  It has an amazingly full color finish as well – which is surprising because I often find matte lipsticks to provide fuller finishes.  It does appear slightly glossy on the lips but it has no shimmer or sparkle.  Simply put, it provides an even, flawless and brilliant pink dusk shine!

I’ve been wearing this lipstick any chance I get – I’m completely obsessed with both the color and the formula, it’s perfect!  Most recently I wore Pink Dusk to a wedding.  I was actually in the wedding party, so it was the perfect opportunity to test the long-lasting wear ability of this Tom Ford lipstick – after all, when you’re in a wedding you must take a lot of pictures, you have to hold flowers and can’t carry a bag around for your lipsticks, and you don’t really have time to run to the bathroom to reapply your lipstick. The Verdict? Pink Dust lasted around 4 hours and stayed perfectly intact with no fading for all the pictures.

FINAL THOUGHT:  This lipstick is perfect for everyday wear but can also look sophisticated with a more dressed up look or even for a wedding!  I’m 100% happy with my purchase, even with the hefty price tag, as I’m completely in love with Pink Dusk right now.  I highly recommend this shade for anyone looking for a perfectly creamy, luxuriously soft, and simply stunning pink – rose – mauve lipstick! LOVE IT!!!

Tom Ford Lip Color lipsticks ($65) are available at:
Neiman Marcus
Bergdorf Goodman
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