REVIEW: VMV Hypoallergenics Vacation Kit

The perfect travel-sized summer vacation kit from VMV Hypoallergenics

Kristin brought me this fabulous Summer Vacation Kit when she visited me at the beach in Amagansett NY this past July.   I was so excited when she gave it to me because I had wanted to try something from VMV Hypoallergenics ever since she reviewed their amazing Re-Everything Eye Serum (review here.)  I had also done quite a bit of research on the company since both Kristin and I are somewhat obsessed with VMV products this year.  First of all I love that VMV Hypoallergenics is all about products for sensitive skin…

VMV HYPOALLERGENICS™ is the only brand to validate its hypoallergenicity: our VH-Rating System (an original VMV skinnovation) is based on objective, independent references for allergens: the North American Contact Dermatitis Group + European Surveillance System on Contact Allergies.

… and I’m so impressed with the quality and care that goes into each product…

Each individual raw material, ingredient, brush—every little thing that goes into or touches a product, and the product itself—is patch tested for skin safety. And that’s just the beginning! What follows is a dizzying barrage of clinical tests, both in laboratories (in vitro) + on volunteers (in vivo), never on animals.

I also have their fantastic anti-aging cream, the “Re-Everything Cream: Anti-Age Advanced Treatment” that I started using several weeks ago.  I’m loving the results so far, however I’m waiting on my official review because the instructions tell you to follow an 8 week plan that gradually builds your allowed usage up to 2 times per day, and I’m only on week four so I will review this cream in another four weeks!

Today I’ll be reviewing this fun & fabulous summer vacation inspired kit with the perfect travel sized products for your beach getaway – all packaged in this adorable (and re-usable) tin.

Armada Sport SPF 70

What it is:
A water-resistant, PABA-free sunblock for thorough protection.

What it’s used for:
VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 is a highly protective formula that effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburn, hyperpigmentation, photo aging and even skin cancer. The silky, lightweight formulation creates an invisible ”second skin” that stays protective even after time spent in the water. Non-comedogenic and ideal for all skin types. Free of fragrances and PABA.

Jenni says:  I love how light this sunscreen is considering it’s an SPF 70! La Roche-Posay Sunscreen was really the only sunscreen I found that blended in easily while having high rated SPF’s, however I never enjoyed using La Roche on my face because it’s very greasy…Well VMV has managed to make an SPF 70 that’s just as easy to blend in, as La Roche-Posay, and it’s NOT greasy at all!  In fact, I think the Armada Sport Face & Body Sunscreen is the perfect balance of matte and shine!

Armada Moisturizing Protective Lip Balm SPF 60+

What it is:
A soothing lip balm for very dry, chapped lips.

What it’s used for:
VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Moisturizing Protective Lip Balm 60+ is a deeply moisturizing balm offering comfort and hydration to severely dry, chapped lips. It protects against UVA and UVB rays while the soothing formulation instantly smoothes and replenishes uncomfortable lips. Free of PABA and fragrances and non-comedogenic.

Jenni says:  Both Kristin and I were obsessed with this Lip Balm while at the beach this past July. We loved the fact that it’s rated SPF 60, since it’s virtually impossible to find a lip balm with an SPF higher than 30, and it’s simply a fantastic lip balm! It looks more like a beautiful gloss on the lips and it has these crystal-like pellets that melt into your lips once applied creating the prettiest shimmer effect.

Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash

What it is:
A mild, soothing wash that clarifies and conditions both the hair and body.

What it’s used for:
VMV Hypoallergenics Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash soothes, purifies and hydrates the body and hair, helping to keep problematic, acne-prone skin and dry, itchy scalps under control. Formulated with antioxidants and citric acid, it helps prevent and heal rashes on the body and scalp.

Jenni says: I thought this was a great product to include in a vacation kit, because often times when you’re travelling and you stay at a friend’s home or in a hotel, you don’t pack body wash or shampoo and simply rely on the products provided for you. So having this convenient travel sized bottle is a fantastic option. I used my bottle on my body in the shower after a long day at the beach and I thought it did exactly what it says – soothes, purifies and hydrates!

Id Sweat Acne and Overall Antibacterial Monolaurin Gel

What it is:
A gentle disinfecting gel for treating acne and fungus caused by sweat.

What it’s used for:
VMV Hypoallergenics Id Sweat Acne and Overall Antibacterial Monolaurin Gel is an ultra gentle yet powerful gel featuring a coconut-derived monoglyceride that treats the fungus that causes sweat acne. In addition to its anti-fungal benefits, it also offers anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast and anti-protozoal benefits. It helps keep skin cooler during activity, thereby preventing over-sweating and the appearance of sweat acne. It’s also ideal for disinfecting hands, feet, other body skin and minor wounds. After use, the skin takes on a fresh, matte finish that feels comfortable and appears healthy. Free of all known cosmetic allergens, fragrances and preservatives. Non-comedogenic and safe for all skin types. In clinical studies, this gel showed a 100% success rate in treating Pityrosporum Folliculitis, otherwise known as sweat acne.

Jenni says:  My absolute favorite product in the VMV vacation travel set! It’s such a brilliant concept to begin with…I mean who doesn’t get acne from applying sunscreen all day in the hot summer sun? This soothing and cooling antibacterial gel was never more than an arm’s length reach away from me all throughout my summer vacation at the beach. I applied it on my face before I put on sunscreen, after I went in the pool or the ocean, after I re-applied sunscreen and periodically throughout the day when I’d been sweating in the sun. It’s fantastic! It’s so incredibly gentle on the skin, which surprised me because it does smell a little bit like a hand sanitizer. Using it this summer absolutely minimized and often times eliminated my acne breakouts caused from the sun, heat, sweat, misc. bacteria and applying too many sunscreens. I loved using it and I will definitely be repurchasing this fabulous gel for any and all future vacations!

Visit VMV Hypoallergenics to purchase the VMVACATION KIT ($28.00) or shop their website by concern as well as read tons of informative articles all about taking care of your skin at their “Skintelligencenter”.

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