Summer Must-have Product! Rickycare ArganPlus Shaper Comb

An Argan Oil-infused Comb that glides through wet hair with ease, is the perfect tool for detangling your hair after swimming in a pool or playing in the ocean

During my last trip to NYC, in May for the Costume Institute MET gala (MET special post here), I arrived at LaGuardia Airport in a bit of a panic… My flight had been delayed, so I was running late already and I had just realized I forgot to pack several things that I needed to get ready for the gala that night. I forgot tweezers, a razor, my toothbrush… a few other things, and of course I forgot a hair brush! I called Kristin from the taxi on the way into the city and blurted out a list of products I needed ASAP! Kristin, being the best Beauty BFF ever, told me not to worry and that she’d take care of everything and meet me at my hotel.  As I sat in the back of the taxi, now feeling calm and relaxed, knowing that Kristin was coming to my rescue, she sprang into action and ran to the closest Ricky’s NYC for some emergency beauty supplies. 
When I finally arrived at the hotel, I was officially two hours late and had only two hours left to shower, dry my hair, get my hair and makeup done and get dressed – YIKES! was I going to make it? Well not only did I get ready in time for the event, I had so much fun doing so!! Kristin was already there waiting for me with the greatest bag of beauty goodies direct from Ricky’s NYC. 

The Rickycare AgranPlus Shaper Comb was among many of the fabulous gifts she brought me that day, and it was perfect!  I was able to quickly comb right through my shampooed hair, and I was shocked at how smooth and ‘tangle-free’ my hair felt after using it. I swear to you that I have NEVER been able to use a comb on my wet hair, I have so much hair that it always gets knotted and tangled, but somehow this argan oil-fused comb magically glides right through it!

Since then I have used my Rickycare ArganPlus Shaper Comb every single day! I keep the Arganplus Wide Comb (which Kristin gave me as well) in my shower, and I basically keep the Arganplus Shaper Comb close to me everywhere I go! It’s in my work bag, my gym bag, my beach bag, by my hair dryer and even next to my night stand before I go to bed.

The reason this Comb has made my ‘Summer 2012 Must-have Beauty Product’ list is because I consider it to be a must-have comb to have with you all summer long anytime you will be spending time at the beach or by a pool. With this comb handy, you will no longer have to worry about dealing with a post-swim discheveld & tangled mess of hair, that when dried looks like a poor attempt at dreadlocks – just pull out your ArganPlus and you will once again look beach beautiful!

Rickycare ArganPlus Shaper Comb
Regular Price: $6.49
Special Price: $3.99

Quick Overview – Our Rickycare ArganPlus Shaper Comb is infused with Argan Oil, which slowly release this miracle ingredient directly into your scalp, repairing damaged hair follicles and restoring shine.

DetailsThe Rickycare ArganPlus Shaper Comb separates your hair easily without combing out body, and results in hydrated, smooth, shiny hair while shaping your hair. This comb features a blend of Argan oil infused in the plastic. This comb Improves strength, shine, and manageability of hair leaving hair soft, silky, and smooth. This comb is designed for mid-length, long, or thick hair. The Argan oil helps hydrate and repair damaged hair while smoothing the hair cuticle for a conditioned, healthy look. This Shaper Comb is ergonomically designed to glide easily through your hair. This comb helps add shine and smoothness and reduces frizz and will not leave residue on hands.

ArganPlus – Jumbo Detangler
Regular Price: $9.99
Special Price: $4.99

Jumbo Detangler

Rickycare ArganPlus Wide Comb
Regular Price: $6.99
Special Price: $3.49

Wide Comb

Available at

This review is part of a special multi-post feature for the summer, where I will be reviewing each of my summer 2012 “Must-have” Beauty Products. So far my must have product list includes some new products as well as some oldies but goodies, but each one equally fabulous!
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