Summer Must-have Product! Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipstick “Rebel Rose”

A fun and vibrant lip color that will drive the boys crazy this summer! Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipstick in “Rebel Rose”

This is my husbands favorite lipstick that I wear, and he is not someone who likes loud makeup or aggressively bright colors, but he thinks “Rebel Rose” is HOT!!!

Rebel Rose is described as a bright blue-based magenta pink shade, but I would describe it more as a vibrant pink that pops with magenta in the sun and softens with rose in the shade, and all the while glistens with purple undertones. Here are some pictures of Rebel Rose up close in different lighting… 

I love it! and when your skin has a sun-kissed summer glow – its perfection! Here are some swatches of Rebel Rose on my arm…

I also took a ton of pictures on my lips, and again in all different lighting, so you can see the ever-so subtle purple undertones and how the pink shades “pop” in different light…

Like I said earlier, my husband loves this shade and since he is a man who doesn’t notice ‘pretty things’ that often, its safe to say that your man (or anyone you are trying to impress) will love this color too! I think this Rebel Rose is gorgeous as well, and so many of Rileys Lipstick colors are stunning!  Read my previous review of Sunday Riley’s Modern Lip Color Lipsticks in “Shakespeare” and “Duchess” (HERE.)

Here is the spectacular color palette of  Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipsticks…

In addition to the fabulous color palette, Sunday Riley’s lipstick formula is one of the best out there.   Riley’s lipsticks have vitamin & antioxidant enriched formulas and are created with a highly advanced pigment delivery system.  The finishes of these modern lip colors are spectacular, and they feel simply luxurious on.  
They are also designed to last all night long! Here’s what Sunday Riley Says…

An added bonus, these lipsticks are great to wear during the day because they contain Titanium Dioxide which will protect your lips from the sun.

Available at and ($32.00)

This review is part of a special multi-post feature for the summer, where I will be reviewing each of my summer 2012 “Must-have” Beauty Products. So far my must have product list includes some new products as well as some oldies but goodies, but each one equally fabulous!

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