Summer Must-have Products! Kai Roll-on Perfume Oil & Kai Deodorant

A lush but clean roll-on perfume oil and a refreshingly smooth all-natural deodorant, are two of Jenni’s summer 2012 must-have beauty products

I’m already in love with Kai’s “Body Buffer,” a hypoallergenic sponge, infused with an exquisitely scented body wash that simultaneously exfoliates and moisturizes your body (read my full review HERE.) The enticing and exotic aromas that my Body Buffer leaves lingering on my body well after I’m finished showering, inspired me to try more Kai products. I ordered the deodorant and the roll-on perfume oil, and I’m so glad that I did because I love these Kai products just as much!

A feminine and flirtatious scent, all of Kai’s products are crafted with this signature fragrance. It was created by Gaye Straza Rappaport, who wanted “to capture the aroma of her vacations in Hawaii.” So it’s no wonder Kai’s Perfume Oil and Deodorant, with their beach vacation inspired fragrances, are two of my summer 2012 must-have beauty products.


I’m not much of a perfume lover, in fact I don’t own a single perfume, but I do own (and love) Kai’s Perfume Oil. In a convenient and easy to use roll-on vial, it’s the perfect size to throw in your bag all summer long. However, most days I don’t even need to grab it out of my bag – I just roll a few drops onto my wrists in the morning and it lasts all day long. I often find myself sniffing my wrists to enjoy the intoxicating smell.
Another reason I love Kai’s Perfume Oil for the summer, is the simple, sweet, fresh and clean scent it provides. Furthermore, the subtlety of the perfume is sure not to offend anyone who happens to get a whiff; infact I find the light aroma to be quite calming. The notes are gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, and lily – but it smells mostly of gardenia at first and then it softens and is joined by other floral notes. For a little roller, it’s quite pricey ($48) but I kid you not, if you don’t get too aggressive with application, it will last you 6 months or more. It’s Fabulous!!!

Available at ($48) ($48) or ($45)


No surprise here, the best thing about this deodorant is its’ signature Kai fragrance, but I also love the translucent formula that does not stain any of my clothes. It glides on smoothly with a pleasant cooling effect. When compared to other all-natural and aluminum-free deodorants, I would say Kai’s formula is one of the best for keeping you fresh and odor-free. But unfortunately, it doesn’t beat an antiperspirant (i.e. Secret or Degree) when it comes to controlling sweat glands and reducing wetness…but that’s OK because I plan on wearing Kai deodorant all summer long AFTER I’ve exercised for the day and I don’t have to worry about excessive sweating. I love how fresh and clean I smell while wearing this ‘summertime floral-scented’ deodorant.

Product Description: Our translucent formula combines vitamin e, chamomile, and plant extracts with natural skin conditioning sugars to control moisture and keep you feeling dry, fresh and subtly kai-scented throughout the day. aluminum free and great for sensitive skin.

Available at ($24)

This review is part of a special multi-post feature for the summer, where I will be reviewing each of my summer 2012 “Must-have” Beauty Products. So far my must have product list includes some new products as well as some oldies but goodies, but each one equally fabulous!

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