Rouge Bunny Rouge BRAND NEW Glassy Gloss Color Swatches!

BFF Beauty Girls get gorgeous this summer with Glassy Gloss! Pictures and color swatches of 4 brand new Glassy Gloss shades from Rouge Bunny Rouge Rouge Bunny Rouge introduced the new shades of Glassy Gloss along with the MISTRAL LOOK for Summer 2012 (Mistral Look review here.)  In addition to the new shades, RBR updated their Glassy […]

REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss NEW SHADE “Rhubarb Custard”

Jenni reviews the brand new Glassy Gloss shade “Rhubarb Custard,” launched as a part of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s summer 2012 “Mistral” Look.   Kristin and Jenni continue their summer 2012 pursuit of achieving Rouge Bunny Rouge’s “Mistral” look.  Both BFF Beauty girls believe that the Mistral look, with neutral and balanced colors that compliment all skin tones, captures the essence […]

REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand “Titian”

Jenni reviews the brand new Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand in shade TITIAN, introduced for summer 2012 as a part of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s “Mistral” Look Both Kristin and I were instantly captivated with the Rouge Bunny Rouge “Mistral” look launch for summer 2012.  See our “Look Launch – Mistral” post HERE, our “Create the Look […]

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