Toxic Chemicals & Ingredients Used in Skincare Products

    We all check our skincare products to be ‘free of’ the obvious ‘toxic’ ingredients (or at least I hope we all check.) In most cases the manufacturers make it easy for us – i.e. “Paraben Free” etc.  However, Cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar industry with tons of money being spent on ‘clever marketing’ such as: strategicaly choosing the right […]

FEATURE: How To Read Your SPF Label

BFF Beauty put together a few easy-to-follow charts & guides that will help you better understand your sunscreen this summer Sunscreen labels are getting a makeover this summer!  New FDA labeling requirements force many brands to reprint their labels.  But what does it all mean?  To better understand your new sunscreen label, take a look […]

How To Find The Right Mask For YOU!

By Jenni and Kristin What mask is right for you? Face masks come in a range of formulas to benefit every skin type. Here is a simple guide to follow so you can identify which mask is best for you… Moisturizing masks Moisturizing masks are ideal for dry skin complexions as they boost the moisture […]

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