REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand “Titian”

Jenni reviews the brand new Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand in shade TITIAN, introduced for summer 2012 as a part of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s “Mistral” Look Both Kristin and I were instantly captivated with the Rouge Bunny Rouge “Mistral” look launch for summer 2012.  See our “Look Launch – Mistral” post HERE, our “Create the Look […]

Summer Must-have Products! Kai Roll-on Perfume Oil & Kai Deodorant

A lush but clean roll-on perfume oil and a refreshingly smooth all-natural deodorant, are two of Jenni’s summer 2012 must-have beauty products I’m already in love with Kai’s “Body Buffer,” a hypoallergenic sponge, infused with an exquisitely scented body wash that simultaneously exfoliates and moisturizes your body (read my full review HERE.) The enticing and […]

Summer Must-have Products! Best Lip Glosses for the Summer

Pretty in Pink!  Four different shades of pink lip gloss, provide for the perfect summer palette and become one of Jenni’s Summer 2012 Must-have Beauty Products Every women should have a “Pretty in Pink” themed palette of lip glosses in her ‘must-have’ summer beauty chest. My personal favorites for summer 2012, include these four glosses that are […]

Summer Must-Have Products! June Jacobs Cucumber Cleanser & Mario Badescu Cucumber Toner

Jenni reviews two refreshingly cooling cucumber beauty products, that will help your skin beat the heat this summer Summer can be a tricky season when trying to achieve a balanced skincare routine. I believe that’s because your skin can be both dry from the sun and oily from the heat. I suffer from both dryness and oily acne-prone skin in […]

Summer Must-have Product! Rouge Bunny Rouge “Tongue Tickles” Sheer Lipstick

A juicy summer shade that looks just like a refreshing bowl of Cherry Italian Ice! Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in “Tongue Tickles” is one of Jenni’s Summer 2012 Must-have Beauty Products Cherry Italian Ice! Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick “Tongue Tickles“ Tongue Tickles is a sheer lipstick with a bright, […]

Summer Must-have Product! Supergoop City & Sand Sunscreen Travel Tote

A travel tote perfect for protecting your skin in the city or at the beach, is one of Jenni’s Summer 2012 Must-have Beauty Products The City & Sand Sunscreen Travel Tote by Supergoop is a fantastic deal ($35 cost for a $58 value) with wonderful sunscreen products in perfect travel sizes.  I purchased this fun kit at […]

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