REVIEW: Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30+

Jenni reviews BFF Beauty’s ‘Best Mineral-Physical SPF’ pick for summer 2012 – Sunday Riley’s Cashmere SPF 30+ In our recent “Best-of” Sunscreen Post (review HERE,), where we pick our favorite SPF’s for 2012, Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30+ Advanced Sun Defense is BFF Beauty Girls ‘best-of’ choice for mineral & physical Sunscreen. To state the obvious, we […]

Summer Must-have Product! Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipstick “Rebel Rose”

A fun and vibrant lip color that will drive the boys crazy this summer! Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipstick in “Rebel Rose” This is my husbands favorite lipstick that I wear, and he is not someone who likes loud makeup or aggressively bright colors, but he thinks “Rebel Rose” is HOT!!! Rebel Rose is […]

Summer Must-have Products! Best Lip Glosses for the Summer

Pretty in Pink!  Four different shades of pink lip gloss, provide for the perfect summer palette and become one of Jenni’s Summer 2012 Must-have Beauty Products Every women should have a “Pretty in Pink” themed palette of lip glosses in her ‘must-have’ summer beauty chest. My personal favorites for summer 2012, include these four glosses that are […]

BEST SUNSCREEN PICKS! Our top SPF choices revealed

BFF Beauty Girls pick their favorite sunscreens for every situation Before we get into our “Best Of” SPF choices for every situation, we wanted to list the reviews we’ve already posted on some of the Sunscreen Products mentioned in this feature.  We have not reviewed every single “Best Of” SPF choice, but throughout the Summer we […]

REVIEW: Sunday Riley Lipstick

Jenni reviews two shades from Sunday Riley’s new lipstick collection This is my third review (with more Sunday Riley product reviews to come), which is a continuation to my Sunday Riley Makeup Makeover (here).  Other products from the makeover, that I’ve already reviewed include Riley’s Prismasilk Shadows (here) Blushing 101 (here), a skincare serum called Juno (here), and a overnight […]

REVIEW: Sunday Riley Eye Shadows

Jenni reviews three eye shadows from Sunday Riley’s Makeup Line As a continuation to my “Sunday Riley Makeup Makeover” review (here) the second products I am reviewing in further depth are the beautiful and luxurious Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Shadows: Solstice 124, Marrakesh Nights 102, and Indigo Waves 120. My overall assessment of all of […]

REVIEW: Sunday Riley Makeover

Jenni Reviews Her Sunday Riley Makeover Experience Last week was very exciting for me because ‘My local Barneys’ (the store in Chicago where I live) finally received all of Sunday Riley’s ‘relatively’ new makeup products. I say relatively new because it actually launched in November 2011. I have been a huge Sunday Riley fan ever […]

REVIEW: The Beauty Blender & Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

By Jenni I never really had to concern myself with “blending” my makeup, and to be honest I never even knew what that meant…was I supposed to blend my foundation into my bronzer or blush? It always confused me; I just had no idea HOW to ‘Blend’ correctly. One day I decided I wanted to […]

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