Trying out Fall 2012 Hair and Makeup Trends: White Makeup, Blush, Bouffaunts

We posted the top looks for Fall 2012 a few days ago, so I decided to try out three of the looks that seemed fairly easy to do in a short amount of time!

I tried to combine the rosey blush and white shimmer makeup looks together….

Makeup used:

Then a slightly less extreme Bouffaunt style like this….

Tools used:

All in all, these were very easy looks to achieve. It only took about 20 min for both hair and makeup. My hair was already blow dried straight…so add on the normal amount of time to blow out your hair. 

The makeup came out very natural looking even with the shimmer. I put on my Sunday Riley Primer first, then dabbed on the cream blush to my cheeks and lips too! I then applied the glimmer in the corners of my eyes and a little below the eye and on the brow bone. Lastly, I put on my Define-A-Lash mascara which never clumps and finished of the look with some clear lip gloss.

The bouffant was very easy to do with a little teasing of the hair around the top of the head with a Mason Pearson brush*, and then smoothing over the top of the teased hair. Spray with hairspray to finish. Lastly, put the headband on carefully not to flatten the bouffant(the hairspray should help keep it in place). I liked the headband look because it kept the hair out of my face, which I am normally not a big fan of throughout the day. *Everyone needs a Mason Pearson brush, especially for up dos!

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2 thoughts on “Trying out Fall 2012 Hair and Makeup Trends: White Makeup, Blush, Bouffaunts

  1. I use medium. It is very sheer and light…make sure you store it upside down! Let me know if you have any other questions Sara 🙂


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