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This mask is amazing for winter skin issues ie. dullness, dryness, sun damage, saggyness etc. I had the luxury of trying one of these at home two days ago, and I can still see my skin is brighter, firmer and softer. Most of the products I have used before from Korean brand, AMOREPACIFIC, contain a green tea grown exclusively in volcanic soil on Jeju Island. I like products that are exotic and botanical! This mask is just that and contains AMOREPACIFIC’s exclusive Meladefying Complex™ made from other Asian botanicals which works to block excessive melanin in the skin. You really feel like you are getting something exclusive and luxurious with this microfiber sheet mask. The material of the mask is so soft and hugs your whole face perfectly. The instructions are easy to follow and the mask goes on best if you put it on one side of your face first and then the other. Another added bonus is that the foil packet each mask comes in contains so much extra liquid it is like you get an extra bonus sample of their brightening serum which costs $220 for 1 oz. I saved some of the extra liquid from my mask in a vial and applied it the next two nights. I definitely think the serum would be a smart investment this winter. I also added a little of the extra liquid around my nose and on other areas I wanted the brightening formula to penetrate more. My skin felt softer and looked brighter and radiant immediately and for the following days after leaving the mask on for only 15 minutes…imagine if I had applied their brightening serum the last few days!  I highly recommend this product for anyone at ANY age looking to have more radiance and boost moisure levels in their skin this winter! These would also be great to use before you have an event to go to and want to look your best! You can pick these up on AMOREPACIFIC’s website for $120(6 masks) and enjoy a luxiourious relaxing face treatment at home.

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Product Description(from AMOREPACIFIC’s website)

Brighter, more luminescent skin in just 15 minutes.  This nano-textured mask distributes potent botanicals evenly over the entire face to help restore a healthy skin environment where all aspects responsible for coloration function properly.


  • Quickly brightens skin tone
  • Reduces melanin production
  • Prevents future discoloration

Ingredients and Technology:

  • The exclusive Meladefying Complex™ is a blend of Asian botanicals including Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Leaf, Orange Peel, Magnolia and Lonicera Japonica, which work to inhibit excessive melanin formation and intensively target existing melasma to promote a brighter, more translucent complexion.
  • These botanical ingredients form a finely woven net, enveloping skin with a protective veil that maximizes skin moisture and helps to enhance the rate of absorption for maximum brightening with improved tone and radiance.
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