REVIEW: Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow Duo “A Major – F is Minor”

Jenni reviews two beautiful eye shades from Rouge Bunny Rouge’s  When Birds Are Singing… Long-lasting Duo Eye Shadow – A Major – f is Minor

This review is PART 3 of a three part feature where I review the products I used to create my own “Rouge Bunny Rouge Look.”
Last week I tested out a few of my recent Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup purchases, by creating a ‘casual daytime look’ for work.  I  received so many compliments from people asking me about the makeup was wearing, that I decided to take a few pictures and review my entire Rouge Bunny Rouge look!
The products I used:

I also used Fine-spun Light Luminous Skin Wand to conceal my under-eye dark circles, and I highlighted my face for a subtle sun-kissed glow, by using Rouge Bunny Rouge’s As If It Were Still Summer…Bronzing Glow Powder “AT GOLDCOMBE BAY.” But Kristin and I will be reviewing this bronzer together, in a couple weeks when we test out more Rouge Bunny Rouge looks.

A picture of my Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘casual daytime look for work’ wearing all three products…

Jenni Jordan Gorman

When Birds Are Singing…Long Lasting Eye Shadows are, in my opinion, one of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s standout beauty products. Their powder eye shadows are extraordinary!  I find the formula to be incredibly lightweight and shockingly creamy for a powder.  They melt into the eyes for a truly ‘second-skin’ look and feel.  If you enjoy wearing eye shadows and value each of your makeup purchases – where you prefer spending your money on the ‘best of the best’ and highest-quality eye shadows – than Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Long-lasting eye shade formulas are an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE!

Here is what Rouge Bunny Rouge says about their Eye Shadow…

A Major-f is Minor Color Description:  Palest golden wheat, paired with a delicately frosted muted mauve-brown with a subtle gold accent
The Duo Eye Shade “A MAJOR – fis MINOR” is an excellent ‘first purchase’ for anyone interested in trying out Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows.  Not only do you get two beautiful shades in one, but when blended together you in fact get three shades!
Here are some pictures of each shade in the duo, as well as blended together…
Also, the three shades, this Duo provides, are so versatile and wearable on anyone’s eyelids. They create gorgeous depth and are easily buildable. They come to life in the light with a lively iridescent finish and a slight shimmer. Best of all – Rouge Bunny Rouge’s LONG-lasting eye shadows do, in fact, last all day long!
When Birds Are Singing…Long-lasting Eye Shadow Duo – $33.00
All Rouge Bunny Rouge products are available at Zuneta and Beauty Habit
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